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CBD Box Subscriptions

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Plenty Wellness Balance Boxes are the biggest value in the CBD market today!

We have curated multiple boxes with our client’s needs, goals, and feedback in mind. Not only do our boxes contain some of the best CBD products on the market, but we also send other benefits, perks, savings, and surprises that support a healthy lifestyle. You don’t want to miss out!

With years of experience in the CBD market, client feedback and medical professionals, we are now able to deliver very high-quality CBD products monthly to our clients with an average retail savings of 28%!

Each box's product mix is designed to bring maximum value and benefit to maximize our client’s health and wellness goals. Below you find a description of each box and what high quality products will be delivered to you on a regular basis.

Calm Box-

In our chaotic world where we are always on the go and life is constantly presenting challenges, we provide a calming solution called the Calm box containing one of our 600mg Plenty Relief Oil tinctures and a 10-count jar of Wyld Gummies monthly. Clients have told us that 3-5 drops of our relief oil twice daily have provided great daily relief from their stress and anxiety. The gummy flavor will change from month to month. Currently the flavors are Raspberry, Blackberry, Huckleberry and Lemon. 


The Plenty Sleep Box was curated with one thing in mind, restful sleep so you can wake up energized! 
This popular box contains one of our 600mg Relief tinctures to be used just before bed, a 10-count jar of Wyld’s incredible Elderberry 25mg CBD and 5mg CBN gummies. The feedback on the effectiveness on these as it relates to sleep has been overwhelming. We recommend sucking on these gummies for a few minutes to maximize the absorption. Each month, we will also include a bath bomb for your enjoyment.


The Maintenance box is a great solution for anyone that just wants to gain the benefits of high-quality CBD products on a regular basis without and particular need.
Our monthly Maintenance box includes a jar of our 600mg Plenty Relief oil to be used twice daily (3-5 drops each time), our 500mg roll-on that is easy to carry with you for quick and discreet topical use for joints, aches and pains and a 2-pack of Wyld’s popular gummies. Gummy flavor will change from month to month.


The Plenty Balance box is a perfect solution for anyone (and couples) that prefers a high-quality daily CBD capsule and a tincture for mid-day and evening boosts. The Balance box includes a Plenty Relief 600mg CBD tincture, a 30-count jar of Plenty Relief 25mg capsules as well as a 10-count jar of Wyld Gummies. The gummy flavors will change from month to month. This box is a great solution for anyone that is dealing with a fair level of pain on a regular basis.


After years of research, client feedback and developing our knowledge and customer experience to a major point of differentiation, we curated the Maximum box for our clients that are looking for the maximum strength, quality and savings! The maximum box is delivered regularly with our Phlex oil, its 1,500mg and delivers 5mg per drop, a 30-count jar of out Plenty Relief 25mg capsules, our 500mg Rapid roll-on and a 10-count jar of Wyld Gummies. The gummy flavor will change from month to month. This is a wonderful solution for couples using CBD regularly.


15ml 1,500mg Plenty Phlex CBD Oil

Plenty Wellness

Plenty Phlex Oil 1,500mg


Plenty Phlex oil is our flexible option to be use sublingually and or topically. Ingredients: MCT, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract All Plenty Wellness products meet our pledge, meaning they are...

Plenty Relief Oil 600mg

Plenty Wellness

Plenty Relief Oil 600mg


Plenty Relief oil is our 600mg, spearmint flavored tincture. 2mg per drop. Ingredients: MCT, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil. All Plenty Wellness products meet our...

Plenty Rapid Roll-On 500mg

Plenty Wellness

Plenty Rapid Roll-On 500mg


500mg CBD Roll On Ingredients: Organic Jojona Oil, and CBD Cannabinoid Enriched Hemp oil extract. Directions for use: For topical use only. Roll the ball over the area where it is needed and wait...

25mg Plenty Relief CBD Capsules

Plenty Wellness

Plenty Relief Capsules


Plenty Relief Capsules are filled with 25mg of our concentrated CBD oil. Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, Broad Spectrum CBD oil in a Vegan friendly capsule. All Plenty Wellness products meet our...