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Elite Moisturizing Lotion Lavender 400mg

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All of our lotions contain 100mg of CBD per ounce, are all natural, and free of any synthetics, artificial colors, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, and gluten. Our moisturizing lotion is made with a goat’s milk base and is fortified with 35% more fatty acid content for skin hydration. It also contains a hint of organic lavender in the formulation.
Elite Facial Serum 600mg

Elite Facial Serum 600mg


This well balanced, light face serum aids in moisturizing and toning. Equipped with Vitamin C and E along with provitamins A and B5, DMAE and hyaluronic acid, this serum helps replenishes the...

Elite Dermal Recovery Spray 250mg

Elite Dermal Recovery Spray 250mg


An all-natural, paraben-free product formulated with 250mg of CBD as well as a suite of skinbeneficial plant compounds including aloe vera water, witch hazel, lavender, German blue chamomile,...

Maximum Box

Plenty Wellness

CBD Box Subscriptions

MSRP: $109.95 - $274.94
$85.00 - $175.00

Plenty Wellness Balance Boxes are the biggest value in the CBD market today!We have curated multiple boxes with our client’s needs, goals, and feedback in mind. Not only do our boxes contain...