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GOB Sample Box

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Our SAMPLE STARTER BOX contains a 3ml bottle of our ORAL HEMP OIL TINCTURE product and a 5ml container of our topical PAIN CREAM. Both are exact chemical duplicates of their larger products featured on this site. For those new to our products, or CBD products in general, we offer a low cost way for our customers and clients to sample our product before committing to a larger more costly investment. All of our products are formulated and priced to give you value for your investment! Where a “little”…goes a long way…!
GOB 300mg Pain Cream

Good Ol' Boys

GOB 300mg Pain Cream


Our luxuriant, ultra moisturizing, antioxidant CBD Pain Cream, will leave any body part it touches, silky smooth—locking in moisture—locking out dryness! Our Pain Cream contains a plethora of good,...

GOB 1,000mg Hemp Oil Tincture

Good Ol' Boys

GOB 1,000mg Hemp Oil Tincture


This Premium Whole Hemp Extract product contains 1000mg of Cannabidiol (CBD), with ~210 total milligrams of: Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabidivarol (CBDV) and...

15ml 1,500mg Plenty Phlex CBD Oil

Plenty Wellness

Plenty Phlex Oil 1,500mg


Plenty Phlex oil is our flexible option to be use sublingually and or topically. Ingredients: MCT, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract All Plenty Wellness products meet our pledge, meaning they are...