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Plenty Wellness

Plenty Wellness

  • Maximum Box

    Plenty Wellness

    CBD Box Subscriptions

    MSRP: $109.95 - $274.94
    $85.00 - $175.00

    Plenty Wellness Balance Boxes are the biggest value in the CBD market today!We have curated multiple boxes with our client’s needs, goals, and feedback in mind. Not only do our boxes contain...

  • Plenty Rapid Roll-On 500mg

    Plenty Wellness

    Plenty Rapid Roll-On 500mg


    500mg CBD Roll On Ingredients: Organic Jojona Oil, and CBD Cannabinoid Enriched Hemp oil extract. Directions for use:For topical use only. Roll the ball over the area where it is needed and wait for...

  • Plenty Relief Capsules

    Plenty Wellness

    Plenty Relief Capsules

    Was: $75.00
    Now: $67.50

    Plenty Relief Capsules are filled with 25mg of our concentrated CBD oil. Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, Broad Spectrum CBD oil Vegan friendly capsule All Plenty Pharma products meet our pledge,...

  • Plenty Relief Oil 600mg

    Plenty Wellness

    Plenty Relief Oil 600mg

    Was: $90.00
    Now: $81.00

    Plenty Relief oil is our 600mg, spearmint flavored tincture. 2mg per drop. Ingredients: MCT, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Peppermint oil, Spearmint oil. All Plenty Wellness products meet our pledge,...

  • Plenty Phlex Oil 1,500mg

    Plenty Wellness

    Plenty Phlex Oil 1,500mg

    Was: $140.00
    Now: $126.00

    Plenty Phlex oil is our highest concentration tincture that can be use sublingually and topically. Containing MCT and high quality Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. Each drop is approximately 5mg...