CBD Pet Shampoo
CBD Pet Shampoo
CBD Pet Shampoo

CBD Pet Shampoo

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Gentle and Effective Care for Sensitive Skin

  • Formulated specifically for pets with sensitive skin, our pH-balanced shampoo combines natural anti-inflammatory properties for a gentle yet effective cleanse.
  • Ideal for all pets, especially those prone to dry skin and irritations.

Benefits of Bailey's CBD Pet Shampoo

  • Relief for itchy skin and common skin irritations.
  • Supports healthy skin and a glossy coat.
  • Helps in reducing hot spots, redness, and skin allergies.
  • Enhances skin hydration and coat health.

Power-Packed Ingredients for Maximum Care

  • 300MG CBD - Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in hot spot and rash relief.
  • Organic Aloe - Offers pain relief and soothes skin conditions like eczema.
  • Provitamin B5 - Enhances coat health and shine, improving overall appearance.
  • Avocado Oil - Rich in Vitamin E, nourishing and promoting skin healing.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal Extract - Ensures prolonged skin hydration and relief.

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